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MicroZone® Treatments (20 min) $30 ea.

When you are in between regular facials, or just don’t have time for a full facial but want to have great looking skin.   Each MicroZone® treatment includes a skin analysis, then a targeted treatment using exclusive Dermalogica techniques such as the Double Cleanse routine.

Your skin will look and feel instantly healthier! 

Flash Exfoliation- Gently resurface dull, lackluster skin for a radiant glow.

Eye Rescue- Revive tired eyes by minimizing dark circles, fine lines and puffiness.

Lip Renewal Smooth- Smooth, condition and restore flaky lips while softening fine lines.

AGE Repair- Repair, energize and fight signs of aging with this restorative treatment.

Hand Repair- Hydrate dry, chapped hands with this moisture-packed, age-fighting treatment.

Moisture Boost- Rehydrate and replenish dry skin with an intense moisture quench.

Blackhead Relief- Deep clean and purify oily skin to clear up congestion

Rapid Spot Clearing- Banish existing breakouts, expedite healing and soothe redness.

Oil Control- Tone down oily shine while purifying and smoothing your skin.

Men's Skin Fitness- Tackle issues specific to men with this deep-cleansing, calming treatment.

Skin Soothing- Relieve redness and irritation with this cooling treatment for sensitized skin.

Clear Start™ Breakout Clearing- Get tough on teen breakouts without irritating your skin.

Eye Firm- Powerful firming complex helps combat lines around the delicate eye area.