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Oncology Wellness Programs

Massage, facial, and movement therapy can safely be provided for people with cancer, and bodywork therapies are increasingly being used to help manage treatment related side effects and to improve quality of life during cancer treatment, recovery, and in support of survivor wellness.

That being said, good intentions on the part of the attending therapist are not enough and considered essential is proper preparation in oncology massage and skin care education.  

Being Oncology Massage accredited means the massage therapist, esthetician, or mani/pedi therapist has the ability to recognize and work within a framework of clinical considerations, in order to provide safe and effective bodywork, and meet the unique and changing needs of the person in, or with a history of cancer treatment. 

I learned ALOT at this 3 day training event!  Meet some amazing ladies that share my passion.  We learn modified massage and facial techniques so we can safely work within a framework of clinical considerations.  Making our clients feel better without compromising their health.

Chemo Comfort Touch, Greet The Day's Infusion Center Program was started in August 2006. This program is provided at no charge to the patient.

During Chemo Comfort Touch oncology massage accredited therapists (massage therapists, estheticians, mani/pedi technicians) provide hand and foot massage for patients receiving chemotherapy in outpatient Infusion Centers.

Comforting massage provided onsite at the Infusion Center is a reminder that the body can find relief and relaxation in spite of the emotional stress and physical discomfort experienced during the routine course of treatment.

Greet The Day programs are an essential part of integrative oncology care and compliment the work of a multi-disciplinary team of physicians, nurses, social workers, massage therapists, estheticians and yoga teachers.  I am so proud to have been in one of the trainings!  Below are just a couple of their programs!

Find out more at http://www.greettheday.org/