My Husband Michael is my best friend & biggest fan!

Organically grown herbs, like lavender, peppermint, and rosebuds enhance your aromatherapy treatment. Can be used on the face or back. Treatments start at $60!!

When you enter, I usually have a diffuser going with relaxing, earthy scents wafting through the spa. And a  cozy space to sit and relax as we discuss your skincare concerns.

​​Tami waxed my arms. It was my first time getting my arms waxed and she made it a very pleasant and comfortable experience. She was very sociable and explained every step of the process and what each product is used for. I can't wait to have a day where I can spend it at TLC spa!

Colleen S.-5 star

What We Do

TLC Spa Therapies is your one-stop-day spa facility that specializes in facials for sensitive skin, acne-prone, oily prematurely aging , mature skin & more.  Every facial includes  a Dermalogica Double Cleanse and a gentle, yet effective exfoliation treatment that reveals fresh skin cells, removes dead cells from pores, making them appear smaller and prepares the skin to be better able to absorb all the amazing Dermalogica products you will be introduced to during you massage and mask!  You also receive a skin analysis with face mapping...where I will look at your skin and together we will discuss your concerns and come up with the perfect treatment plan for you AND a  home care routine customized to your skin & your schedule!  

PLUS each facial comes with a minimum 15 minute relaxing face & neck massage PLUS for a limited time, you will be pampered with a COMPLIMENTARY hand & arm massage or foot massage with warm, scented lotion & steamed towels while you enjoy your facial mask. 

Other services include spa pedicures with massage & paraffin wraps, waxing, eyelash & eye brow tinting, semi-permanent eye lash curling, aromatherapy, back treatments, Dermalogica's IonActive Treatments, Dermalogica's BioActive chemical peels, high frequency facials & Galvanic  electro-therapy treatments for optimal skin repair and hydration.

I can also assist you with all your weight loss & wellness needs...from creating healthy meals with delicious recipes, 12 week classes and pH testing to finding ways to reduce stress so you will be empowered to enjoy your life.

I was one of the MARCH 2016 WINNERS of The Lisa Speiring Schlorship.                                                                                              


I have been putting the winnings to good use &  have been working hard toward expert status                                                                   with International Dermal Institute (IDI) & Dermalogica.  On July 11, 2016...                                                                                             I am HAPPY to say that I achieved EXPERT STATUS!!  

These are some classes I recently completed:Great Skin with face mapping, AGE Smart Skin Care, Exfoliation workshop, MediBac Clearing Class, Event Planning A to Z, Retailing the Dermalogica Way, BioActive Peel Workshop, MicroZone:  Sensitive Skin, Ultra Calming Workshop, Touch Therapy:  Hand & Arm massage, Dermalogica Skin Treatment, Touch Therapy:  Deep Cleanse, MicroZone:  Acne & Oily Skin, IonActive Power Treatment Workshop, Successfully Treating Hyper-pigmentation, PowerBright Treatments, DayLight Defense SPF Workshop, Understanding Cosmeceuticals, Dermalogica w/Professional Technology...Over 100 HOURS as of July 11!!!

Pedicure area...where you are QUEEN for an hour.!!

I use the Dermalogica skincare line exclusively and have had MUCH SUCCESS...including my OWN SKIN!

Watch my YouTube video!  I was one of the MARCH 2016 WINNERS for the Lisa Speiring Schlorship from IDI Dermal Institute scholarship on "Why I am passionate about being a Professional Skin Therapist!


Anyone that knows me knows my stress level is through the roof. I had my first ever facial today at TLC Spa Therapies and left feeling amazing! Completely relaxed, my face feels awesome and i found a product i will be investing in! Thanks so much Tami!

​Kathy C. 5 Star

Tami's passion for her profession clearly shows in her skill, and she's amazing! I'd wager that her spa is the most cozy, relaxing and welcoming one you'll find anywhere. She takes time with her clients. There's never a rush. Every treatment is tailored to a person's skin type and needs. The Dermalogica products are also amazing. I look forward to my next treatment!  

Kimberly B.-5 Star


Meet Our Staff

Right now it is just me.  I am Tami Cole.   I have been teaching in the wellness field for the past 15 years.  I graduated from Empire Beauty School in Hooksett with the highest honors.  I recently finished a workshop by Greet The Day, an organization that works with cancer patients.  This integrative care approach combines conventional and complementary therapies into a course of care that speaks to the whole person living with cancer:  body, mind, and spirit.   I am passionate about skin care as well as health & wellness. Great skin goes with great health!  I look forward to serving all your skincare needs!


SATURDAYS 9:30AM - 3PM   (603) 670-5838

Tami has has been a friend and fellow crafter/vendor for several years and when I found out she was adding to her business by adding spa therapies I knew I needed to become her client. My first treatment was a lash tinting. Her knowledge of the procedure was comforting. Dealing with a rather delicate part of the face and having to stay still for a decent amount of time was easy while she was in conversation with the throughout the treatment. The results were spectacular and I look forward to a repeat treatment with some of the fun color options she is going to carry in the future.  

Andrea-5 Star

A TRULY RELAXING aromatherapy facial steam (also called facial sauna) once a month is an excellent way to cleanse and revitalize your skin (especially good for premature aging, oily, acne-prone skin.) Here I am using rosebud & lavender...very relaxing!

​​Tami is AMAZING she really focuses on what you need and she really takes the time to make sure you get what you deserve! I couldn't imagine going to anyone else.  Sarah B — 5 star

Had a great night getting pedicures with my friend last night! Our feet look awesome and are so soft. The experience was great and Tami even gave me a sinus massage to relieve my sinus pressure from allergies!! I slept so much better last night. Can't wait till my next girls night at the Spa!  

Amie 5 Star

Our Facilities

My facility was recently renovated and is handicap accessible to give you the best in relaxation with a totally private treatment room,  state of the art equipment and a great skin care line, Dermalogica...which I have personally had much success with!

So glad I was able to go to the Open House today... a beautiful spa!! You are a fount of knowledge and I can't wait for my facial.


Client Testimonials & Comments

Totally private & cozy treatment room. Extra-wide mattress so your arms don't hang off the sides and extra padding on the treatment couch. I have a warmer under the mattress protector that keeps you snuggly warm! Lots of extra pampering, like warm scented towels (or unscented if you wish), a complimentary hand & arm massage, and one-time use sponges to ensure cleanliness.